Healthy Homemade Irish Stew


Hi everyone,

Today I am flat out preparing for my practical assessment for my Fitness Instructors Cert, so I haven’t done a workout 🙁 I only have time to share this delicious Irish recipe with you. Andrew and I were feeling the cold weather setting in over the last few days and it got us in the mood for one of our all time favorite meals, Irish Stew. It’s so warming and filling and it provides protein, carbs and loads of fibre in one bowl of hearty goodness. AND it’s dead easy to make.

Traditionally, Irish Stew is made with Lamb, but as lamb has a higher fat content I opted to use lean beef instead, which is also less expensive.


  • 800g Lean Stewing Steak (cut into 2cm x 2cm pieces)
  • 5 medium potatoes (peeled and chopped)
  • 1 large onion (chopped)
  • 2 medium carrots (chopped chunky with skin on)
  • 2 medium parsnips (chopped chunky, skin on)
  • pepper
  • 1-2 low sodium stock cubes (or equivalent) making 500-750mls of stock


Fry beef pieces until the meat is sealed (3 minutes or so). Place in a deep pot, season with pepper only then cover meat with 500-750mls of stock. Cover the pot and bring the water to a gentle boil and simmer for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

After this time add the onions and carrots, top up water if needed, and continue to simmer for a further 20 minutes.

Now add the potatoes and parsnip and simmer until potatoes are ready.

Drain off some of the excess water and break up some of the potatoes to make the stew thicker and more like mush. (Doesn’t sound very appetising, but this make it more like stew than soup lol).

I was a little bad and had some fresh wheaten bread (yes there’s only one slice in the picture – and I confess I may have eaten 4 :/ – toasted WITH butter, eek!) along with the stew – which was yummy!

Because I had just come off a fast and also had just trained my portion size is a little bigger than recommended for a female who wants to reduce calorie intake, but I won’t judge you if you disagree 😉

Anyway, I plan to be back tomorrow or Thursday with a new workout. Wish me luck for my exam tomorrow, eek!!



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21 Responses

  1. Stella says:

    This irish stew is so simple to make and it looks delicious. I confess I love bread too. Gonna try it for the weekend. Not really cold here but sometimes you do want to try something different. LOL.

  2. Frances says:

    Hi Marianne,

    I made your Irish stew on Saturday night – it was really tasty. Those November nights are beginning to draw in now so it was good to have some lovely warm stew!! I think I had a slightly smaller portion with no bread.

    On the subject of bread, where do you stand? I don’t have it at all because I don’t know which kind to buy. A lot of US trainers swear by Ezekiel bread but I’ve not seen that in the UK yet so I just don’t bother with bread at all.

    I do miss it though!!

    Keep up the good work.


    • Marianne says:

      On the topic of bread, I just eat it in moderation. It makes me very bloated and I can’t be bothered searching for an alternative bread because it’s not something I have that often. The main reason I try to avoid eating bread is because I LOVE IT so I would eat and eat and eat without a second thought. Best not to start sometimes LOL!

      When I am out, or have company who I can share bread with then I just choose what ever kind I love. Because it’s just a one-off, it won’t matter. For you, I would recommend finding a happy medium. I think moderation is the key. Not easy though, especially with yummies like bread 😀

      Thanks for commenting on the Stew; I’d forgotten about this recipe 🙂

  3. Rick says:

    Hey good luck with the assessment

  4. Shantell says:

    I found your site from watching a youtube video of yours doing the “Sparticus work-out”. I love your accent. My mom moved to the U.S. from N. Ireland 26 years ago. She makes this stew all the time. ;o) You’re work-outs are killer! Great job!

    • Marianne says:

      Shantell, thanks for leaving a comment and welcome to ma site 🙂 Say this to your mum from me “how’s about ya” 😛 She has good taste still! Does she still have her accent?

      Glad you like my workouts and I hope you will let me know how you progress. Any questions, just ask 😀

  5. Phil says:

    Not cold yet here in AZ, but I want to try this. I love stew, must be the irish or welsh in me, something like that!

  6. Ed says:

    Good luck with your test. Do the Irish really call it Irish Stew?

  7. Minnie Vazquez says:

    Hi Marianne,
    This will be dinner tomorrow. Yummy ,I don’t eat beef often but….. will try this recipe. Once in a blue is okay. I did your latest workout and loved it. Thanks again. I wish you all the best on your test. I just know you will do well. This website with all your posting is proof of how dedicated you are to what you put your mind to do . I admire you. Thanks for sharing.
    Minnie V. :o)

  8. Mickela says:

    That is really hearty. I wonder how that would come out if I cooking it in earthenware in the oven, I might just try that.
    you must have been really hungry after that fast.

    you need the calories for brain energy to pass the exam

    Good luck

    • Marianne says:

      I’m always that hungry, fast or not, though have to control it better when I’m not fasting. Yes will need to carb up tonight LOL 😉 Any excuse


  9. Bianca says:

    Hi Marianne (yes, I wrote Marianne this time),

    I wish you super-good-luck for your test tomorrow! From all over the world (in my case from freezing Italy) we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for you 🙂



  10. Izzy says:

    Hi there,
    This looks really yummy, I just made the Croatian version of it: Gulas.
    Great healthy comfort food 😀
    Good luck with your exam, hope everything goes great!!

  11. Heather says:

    Good Luck Marianne!!!

    I know you’ll do great! We also make that same stew! Just plain good! I usually add tomato too… must be a Canadian thing.

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