Fierce Ab Attack – Kettlebell Workout


Hi everyone,

Today, after a heavy leg workout in the gym, I decided to do an “add on” workout to supplement my training. As training abs burns very few calories, it’s best to include these exercises in addition to other training, whether that be heavy resistance or cardio. I have also added a Tabata Interval workout along with the abs. The purpose of this is to burn fat, which we know Tabata does. Burning fat this way will help strip away that pesky layer of fat that covers the abs.

The Workout

I completed 2 rounds of the following exercises:

  1. KB Slingshots x 30 reps each direction ( total 60 reps)
  2. KB Single Arm Planks x 60 seconds (switching hands half way through)
  3. KB 1/2 TGUs x 12 reps (each side)
  4. KB L-Crunches x 15 reps
  5. KB Leg Raises x 15 reps

Now repeat.  You may want to repeat more than once if it’s your preference, but I only did 2 rounds.

I then set my Gymboss Interval Timer for 8 cycles of 10 seconds rest and 20 seconds MAX effort. The following exercises make up the Tabata:

  1. 2-Handed KB Swings (16kg)
  2. Double KB Swings (2 x 12kg)
  3. Dynamic Squats x 2 sets
  4. KB Snatch (right and left) ( using 12kg )
  5. Single Arm KB Swings (right and left) (using 12kg )

I found the Tabata difficult, but I probably could’ve pushed myself harder by increasing the weight to 16kg in the Slingshots, Snatches and Single Arm Swings.  Or, I could’ve repeated the Tabata for that extra burn LOL, but lunch was waiting 😉

Until next time, keep motivated.


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14 Responses

  1. PeterB says:

    Hi Marianne, like you I did this workout after having 2 days of leg based workouts. It went fine and I did 4 rounds.
    I have to drag the old bag of bones to badminton tomorrow night for a 2 hour session, so let’s see if I am in any shape to be competitive!

    Cheers, Peter

  2. Steve xx says:

    Did this workout last night and really enjoyed it. Can feel my abs this morning ha ha! It’s the first time I did a tabata to, which really got the heart going!

    I’ve only had my KB a couple of weeks and I can really feel the difference already. So much more fun than standard weights!


  3. Tempest Lowe says:

    ok i just tried the 1/2 TGU, actualaly did pretty well. i have not actually done all the workout yet, but wanted to see if i could execute the move. i just wanted to clarify something. You have one leg straight and one move bent during this particular move? is that correct.

    • Marianne says:

      Hi Tempest, the bent leg is to help propel you up onto your hand and then, for the full TGU, into a lunge stance. Although I should’ve had my leg bent a little more. Good luck with the rest of the workout.

  4. chel says:

    its only the most recent ones. im not computer savvy so it could be something on my end. but i seem to be able to see all my other you tube faves just fine. i can view it here just fine as well. thanks for trying to help..btw this is

  5. chel says:

    i have had the same problem so i just come here to see instead.its not working properly on you tube.

    • Marianne says:

      Hi Chel, Is it recent videos, or older ones? When you say not working properly, does it start and stop or is there interference? I’m not having any problems, so I need to get someone to investigate. Sorry for the inconvenience, please have patience while I try and fix the problems 🙂

    • Marianne says:

      Hi Tempest and Chel, I have posted a mass message on Youtube to all my friends and subs to see who else has had problems.

      In the mean time, have you both updated your Flash Player? This can sometimes be a problem. Also check your popup option is off.


  6. tempest lowe says:

    Yes it is only your website, although i have also tried to play it on youtube. I even tried it on my fiance’s computer.
    i have tried it on three different browsers, chrome, mozilla, and internet explorer

    • Marianne says:

      Tempest, is it only the recent videos or older ones too? I’m trying to work out if I’ve done something different recently that might have affected their upload.

  7. tempest lowe says:

    I can never view your videos anymore, i have tried three different videos. it sucks

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