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The most common frustration I hear from new clients is that they feel their health and fitness goals seem incompatible with life which makes it very difficult to stay on track.

I’m sure you can identify with the feeling of never doing enough or like you’ve so many things competing for your energy that it overwhelms you to the point of not doing anything.

You may even end up feeling worse about yourself.

Good news: You don’t have to do it all!

In fact, I am a firm believer in reducing stress by doing less. 

It’s at times like these that you need to become a little more strategic in doing things which hold greater VALUE to you. In other words, they must be purposeful, relevant, doable, fun, and definitely flexible.

But how will you know what these things are?

That’s were coaching comes in. Not the “ra ra” cheer-leader kind; the kind that helps you explore how to go about being more aligned with what actually matters to you – not society, not the latest trend, and not me.

Many online trainers will offer fitness plans first, then upgrades for calls to provide more accountability and support. Which is great if you’re ready for that kind of action-oriented solution. But what if you aren’t, but you don’t know it? What if you are motivated to get started, but you lose steam or get off track before you start seeing results?

At any point, we are all in ambivalence about some kind of change or behaviour in our lives. I often help people who both want to do something but can seem to do it, which is why I approach coaching a bit differently from others.

I believe that what you do must be dosed correctly to what’s going on in your life. It should be enough for you to feel fit and strong, but not too much that you become overwhelmed or begin procrastinating.

It seems to me that finding a fitness solution that fits your lifestyle needs to START with your life, not fitness.  This is why my coaching services centre on your life and wellbeing. Because frankly, everything else flows FROM that.

The most successful fitness programs are the ones people stick to and enjoy. The most successful “diets” are those that leave your lifestyle intact. It’s not that we never need to change things, but that when we do, we need to do so in a way that doesn’t disrupt the status quo too much, too soon. The less disruption, the less we feel loss, and the less we feel stress.

In other words, it fits.


What can you expect from me as your coach?


As your coach I am there to get to know what matters to you. It may not even be workouts you want, you may want help addressing consistency or getting better work/life balance.

During our initial consultation we’ll discuss what you want to get from your journey, including your goals, what you’ve tried in the past, your individual challenges, what competing priorities you might have, any injuries we may need to work around, and anything else that may help you get more from life and fitness. Then you’ll also have a better idea of what to expect and what level of coaching support would work best for you.


But if you decide you just want a fitness program, I have that covered, too. Coaching calls can always be added at any time.

I hope to help you get more from your fitness.


Here’s what some of my past and present clients have to say:


I’ve gained stength, I’ve noticed an improvement in my body’s shape and she helped me achieve my first pull-up at 42! Most importantly I enjoy my workouts because she listens to me and designs workouts that fit my lifestyle.” ~ Claudia A., Florida USA

I felt that she really listened and understood my goals in all areas of my life. On the physical side of things she created an awesome training plan for me in which I have gotten stronger and am well on my way to hitting all my goals! On the personal side of things Marianne has helped me work through some tough areas in my life and I feel so much happier and satisfied with where I’m at. She is a truly great coach and mentor. Highly recommend!” ~ Chrysta H., Texas USA

“Marianne is an excellent coach/personal trainer. She adapted a programme to suit me…a 56yr ol woman, who thought Kettlebells and fitness programmes were out of the question…” ~ Phyllis McAuley, from the UK.

“Coach Marianne has been training me for over three years. She took a banged up 50 yr old and made him feel younger and more confident. She is also a genuine, caring person, and a true asset to the fitness industry.” ~ Chris Garcia, from Texas USA

“Marianne has been patient, flexible and very encouraging. She’s helped me to make great strides in my fitness goals. I highly recommend her as a coach!” ~ Laurel P. from California, USA

See my full reviews page HERE.

Coaching Packages


Pathfinder Coaching:  


Applying elements of Wellness and Life coaching, we collaborate on some important steps to finding and walking your best path.

Coaching is all about moving forward and overcoming what’s keeping you in “holding patterns” which can often drain you of joy, peace, and love for life.  It’s my job as your coach to provide a warm and open space, asking questions to allow you to freely discover how you’ll live your fullest self so that anything you embark on (like training or eating or a new pursuit) align with your values, strengths, and gifts.

This isn’t all “woo woo” fairy-dust talk; I use evidence-based methods rooted in positive psychology, behaviour change literature, and my respect for human autonomy. These methods are designed to evoke your own strengths and resources which will help you move forward in areas of your life that have kept you stuck. Basically, I’m not going to tell you what to do by barking orders or trying to save you, but I help guide you to your own (and better) answers by asking questions you might not have asked yourself. Sure, I might offer my wisdom from time to time, but the research is clear: people have better success when they have the chance to determine change for themselves. It has to be right for you and it can’t be rushed.

Calls typically last 45 minutes via phone/skype (except for the 75 minute Sojourner Deep Dive Session). While you can go month-to-month, 3-6 months is a typical duration (you will get a discount for committing upfront).

Biweekly calls are valued at: $150/mo

Weekly calls are valued at: $225/mo.



Fitness Essentials Package:


This is for you if you have a set fitness goal in mind and you need minimal support.

You might have a specific strength goal that you are determined to conquer but need to build or refine your skill set. With practical direction, smart programming, and a coach who gets how you tick, no stone is left unturned as we put everything in place to transform your training.

Your training programs will meet you where you’re at NOW and continue to be tailored to each stage along the way.

With this package you get:

– Free initial call (as standard) to discuss your goals
– Baseline movement assessment (required)
– Unlimited email support
– Unlimited Form checks
– Client handbook with printable workout logs

Valued at: $225/mo or 3 months for $599


The Best of Both Worlds Package


What if you want help with what to do and how to make it all work? Combine both the Pathfinder and Fitness Essentials Packages and get more from the experience:

Valued at: $375/mo with biweekly calls or $450/mo with weekly calls.


– All fitness packages require a baseline movement assessment (for me to responsibly tailor your training).

– Including coaching calls is highly recommended especially at the beginning of our time working together, but they can be added at any time.


Book your initial consultation for FREE to help you decide which package is right for you.


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