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You’ve probably clicked this page because you’re looking for a coaching option that will help you overcoming something that’s keeping you stuck. Fitness plateaus are one thing, but more frustrating is being stuck in a cycle of frustration, overwhelm, and lots of negative self-talk.

How can you make fitness stick when you never feel like what you’re doing is enough or even the best approach for you?

A few years ago, I realised how intertwined mind, emotion, and body are when I became very ill and much of my strength and fitness identity was lost. I had to reevaluate what I believed about myself and try to understand what was truly important to me, and why. Since then I have come to realise something very crucial to living a life fit for purpose:

You have to let go of what you think you should be in order to see who you really are, what *you* value and how to live in alignment with your why. But you can’t always do this by talking yourself into it, sometimes you do it by first disconfirming the beliefs behind the “should”. You gently challenge those long held assumptions about yourself to see if they really hold up.

If you believe you are only as valuable as you look, then you’ll never express that gift of writing, advocacy or humour. If, however, you set about to disconfirm them, so that you begin to believe you can still live your purpose even if you don’t have the perfect appearance, you might just start to let go of the distracting burden you place on yourself to keep looking “better” “thinner” “younger”. In that process, you learn to value who you are inside the skin you have. And the bonus? You begin to take care of your body and be kinder to yourself… often looking better as a result. You get what you wanted originally, but for reasons more consistent with who you are. You disconfirm the negative beliefs while forming new positive beliefs; transforming how you see yourself.

You might be wondering how fitness coaching could possibly help with that? Physical achievement and mastery can often be the catalyst to begin shifting what we believe about ourselves. Used wisely, we can challenge our thoughts about what we’re capable of in the gym and begin seeing our abilities in a new light. The fitness goal *with* reflection and self-awareness can result in empowerment for a deeper sense of purpose in life. And all of that comes with self-appreciation.

For years I wondered why I was never satisfied with my fitness goals. Recently I made the connection that the external goals were not meant to affirm me – because they never could – but they did challenge me to change how I saw myself. I just had to ask better questions. The “magic” happens when you meet a challenge with gratitude because it’s your chance to grow.

Am I the right coach to help you get unstuck? The fact that you’ve read to this point probably means what I’ve said has resonated with you, and there’s a decent chance it’s a good fit. So I’ll tell you a little more about how I work, what I offer and what sort of investment is required to work on yourself with me.

I offer Whole-person Fitness and Wellbeing Coaching which combines all the important elements of physical fitness with inner empowerment and self-belief. We work together to help you discover and embody your amazing strengths, challenging some provocative beliefs, so you become more you.

Simple as that.

Past and present clients have the results and benefits that continued long after we’ve stopped working together, which makes my heart sing:

Marianne is an excellent coach! I’ve gained stength, I’ve noticed an improvement in my body’s shape and she helped me achieve my first pull-up at 42! Most importantly I enjoy my workouts because she listens to me and designs workouts that fit my lifestyle.” ~ Claudia A., Florida USA

Marianne is an excellent coach and if I could give more than 5 stars I would. I felt that she really listened and understood my goals in all areas of my life. On the physical side of things she created an awesome training plan for me in which I have gotten stronger and am well on my way to hitting all my goals! On the personal side of things Marianne has helped me work through some tough areas in my life and I feel so much happier and satisfied with where I’m at. She is a truly great coach and mentor. Highly recommend!” ~ Chrysta H., Texas USA

“Marianne is an excellent coach/personal trainer. She adapted a programme to suit me…a 56yr ol woman, who thought Kettlebells and fitness programmes were out of the question…” ~ Phyllis McAuley, from the UK.

“Coach Marianne has been training me for over three years. She took a banged up 50 yr old and made him feel younger and more confident. She is also a genuine, caring person, and a true asset to the fitness industry.” ~ Chris Garcia, from Texas USA

“Marianne has been patient, flexible and very encouraging. She’s helped me to make great strides in my fitness goals. I highly recommend her as a coach!” ~ Laurel P. from California, USA

See my full reviews page HERE.

So what do you get?

I used to offer separate options for fitness plan only and then combined fitness and wellbeing coaching, but I found that few people do well on just a plan. Now, I offer Whole-You Coaching which includes coaching calls to empower permanent change inside and out. However if you are really just after a plan with Myomytv-Style workouts, then indicate that on the form below. If you need an overhaul, then don’t just look for a program; find a coach who can help you address what’s holding you back.

Whole You Coaching:

  • Initial 60min call to set goals and go through baseline movement assessment
  • Biweekly coaching/accountability/diet coaching calls by phone or Skype
  • Tailored fitness training program for your goals in your timeframe
  • Video demo for each exercise
  • Unlimited form checks (reassurance that your exercise technique is on point)
  • Client Handbook
  • Unlimited email support

Your Investment: 399 usd / mo (3, 6 or 9 months)

I’d really love to hear more about how I can help you, so send me an inquiry today so we can get started with an introductory call to see if we hit it off:

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