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You enjoy fitness, you enjoy getting strong, but I think you may also recognise that outer strength and appearance are only part of the story.


In fact, I think you know it goes far beyond building strength, losing body fat or sculpting beauty.  I think underneath your biggest goal is a question. A question about who you really are; about how to overcome the same kinds of feelings and challenges I suffered from for years that prevented me from living true to my God-given gifts in service to others: feelings of self-doubt and fear because of others might think; burdened by shame that my body never looked good enough; stuck in situations that were out of alignment with something deep inside; disempowered due to illness or loss of faith.


There’s a good chance that you, like me, began your fitness, weight loss or “I want to be happy in my skin” journey from a place of self-hatred or self-judgement. Have you become aware of how much value you place on appearances, and yet it never delivers what you hope.


Surely that is what we should seek freedom from?


Not weakness, not body fat or what others think of your body, but from the belief that those are the measures that matter.


Just imagine for a moment being at peace in your own skin. Think about what that might be like.


I believe “what’s truly important” is becoming attuned to and accepting of what is so that we can be fully present, full of purposeful action, and step off the hamster wheel of “not enough” once and for all.


It is my hope that my coaching program will be a place where you can ask better questions so you can arrive at your goals from love, kindness, and a real sense of empowerment to live a life of purpose.


Not being fit as your purpose; being fit for your purpose.


  • Maybe for the first time in your life, you value your body based on how it serves your purpose in the world, rather as a measure of your worth.
  • Maybe for the first time in your life, you’re not chasing “enoughness”.
  • You no longer compare yourself to other people wishing you could look that way or do those badass things. Not because you are now exactly like them, but because you love your own journey more.

These are freedoms few people even realise exist. That is what it will feel like to finally feel fulfilled in your own skin.

Myomy Coaching is a place that values this truth: that true strength comes from the inside out.  It is my hope that you become empowered to express it fully in everything you do.

You get 100% individualised, holistic treatment. NO generic, NO cookie cutter, NO leaving you to figure everything out yourself.  You are unique, and you deserve to be treated that way.

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