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by Hey all,

enter First of all, thank you all so much for your out-pour of support over my decision to write more about my Christian journey as well as that of my body 🙂

follow It was a big step for me to take and I was very nervous about telling you, but it was literally bursting out of me.

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dissertation sur le romantisme Today I am giving you a really nice wee workout to try. I didn’t complete it all (because my mum called round for tea) but the 3 rounds I did do were awesome! It’s a pure strength-based workout, so a nice challenge to undertake.  

Other news:

  • I am taking a holiday from tomorrow until early October. My boyfriend, Jonathan Fass is arriving from Saudi Arabia (where he works for a Prince, no less) to meet my family for the first time 🙂  Then we are flying to the USA to stay with his family.  After we part ways for another 3 months 🙁 …. I get to go and visit none other than Ms Nia Shanks for 5 days.  As you know, I usually *try* to post something while I am away, but I get maybe 1 post at best.  I just need a wee break 🙂

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  • I am still able to take Online Coaching Inquiries, so don’t worry about that. I do have a couple of spaces available – if you are interested, reach out via

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  • This week, I met with my web designers …. I am so excited!  They are amazing 😀 The relaunch will most likely happen in the new year AT THE VERY LATEST.  I have high standards, you know 😉  

Now on with the NEW workout!


The Workout  

Superset the following 4 exercises. Rest for 1 – 2 mins between rounds:

1. BB Glute Bridge (I used 70kg): 4×10 –> sub with BW Hip Thrusts

2. Inverted Row: 4×8 –> sub with Single arm or Bent Over Rows

3. Double Military Press (I used 2x16kg): 4×4-6 –> sub with single arm press/ push press

4. Single-Leg Box Squat: 4×6 (each side) –> sub with reverse lunge or Goblet squat


See you in the next couple of weeks 🙂




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4 Responses

  1. Janine Tate says:

    Hi Marianne, just wondering do you do a different routine every time you w/out or do you stick with a routine for a certain amount of wks then change?

  2. Mickela says:

    what do the neighbors think when they hear the barbell clanking?
    nice workout, I have also been slacking and need to jump back into it.

  3. Tracey says:

    Enjoy your trip!!
    BTW: Thanks for adding in what weight you used for each exercise:)

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