next This is a place where I share my story, my perspective, and my beliefs through an ongoing exploration of life that will hopefully resonate with your heart, mind, and spirit. Being open and honest about my own journey and using what I’ve learned through my struggles to encourage others along this path are important values of mine; as a Coach, a woman, and as a daughter of God. follow
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Mix and Match

Combine Strength and Conditioning with KBs and Body Weight.


Progressive overload builds amazing strength and amazing bodies.


Short and sweet interval style workouts that elevate heart rate and burn fat.


Build strength, stability and power with the conditioning benefits of Kettlebells.

In the Gym

With access to more weights (Dumbbells, Barbells and other equipment) you have more scope for progressive overload and a mixture of rep ranges.

Body Weight

There's something so freeing about using your body weight for strength and power.

Getting Started

Resources to help newbies get started.

Wee3 Workouts

If you struggle with consistency, these Workouts so short that you can only succeed.

Train the Body

Fitness Articles, Training Advice

Express the Soul

Sharing and exploring purpose, emotions and faith


Body image, motivation, inspiration

You Wanna Know

Common training and diet questions