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I believe that what you do in this world should have a positive impact on the lives of others. I also believe one of the biggest roadblocks to achieving that impact is not aligning what we do and how we do it with *who* we are.

Hi! My name is Marianne Kane, and I help people align who they are with what they do so they can become the fullest expression of themselves and maximise the positive impact they have in the world and in the lives of those they care about.

Here’s something I learned the hard way: If you don’t love what makes you valuable, then you’ll spend your life looking for fulfilment outside of you, rather than letting it grow from the inside out.

Unfortunately, many of us struggle to see our value and can often have conflicting beliefs about ourselves that can cause a sense of dis-ease, shame, and discontentment which can then become like a maze with no real exit. It can be really difficult at times to see where we should go next.

The mission of Myomy Coaching is to help you transform your perception of yourself by discovering and embracing who you are so you can do nothing else but share your gifts and strengths in everything you do. It is not something that is lacking; it is something that is hidden and waiting to be drawn out.

As a coach, I come along side you to walk with you as you transform how you see yourself, your purpose and what you do; in your work, your health, or your faith.

Now, maybe you’d like to know wee bit more about me?

I’m a Northern Irish home bird who somehow ended up travelling the world.

Originally, I created myomytv to share my fitness journey and workouts with the world, but it kinda evolved into me sharing my fitness-for-life journey as I transitioned through many life changes and challenges.

Let me tell you a little more about my background:

In terms of academic achievement, I received a First Class Honours BSc in Nursing and I am now a Registered Nurse. For 7 years I worked in Cardiac Surgery and I recently decided to resign from my post to pursue my passion for coaching others to live free of self-defeating beliefs, the grips of fear, and remove the chains that hold them back from doing what they know they’re on earth to do.

When I started myomytv (myo-mytv.com back then) I was pretty new to training and I just seemed to take to it. Of course at first I thought I knew more than I did, but the longer I did it, the more humbled I became by how much I had to learn! But I was good at it and my blog has allowed me to connect with people in a way I never thought possible. Over time I naturally gravitated toward Personal Training (with other Certificates in Extreme Kettlebell Training and Olympic Weight-Lifting). I have been lucky enough to learn from some of the most renowned Trainers in the world, including the talented Kettlebell Master Steve Cotter (IKFF). Back in 2011, I was an original Co-Founder of the Female Fitness Authority, Girls Gone Strong and, also in 2011, I had the honour of seeing my work listed as one of the Top 10 Workout Videos on YouTube by SHAPE.  And in 2013 I co-founded the awesome membership site Get Glutes where myself, Bret Contreras and Kellie Davis helped hundreds of women get strong and beautiful curves in all the right places, while gaining confidence in what they could do.

Early in 2014, after my wedding to Dr Jonathan Fass, I went all out and invested my energy into myomytv full-time. Life, however, had a detour in mind for me as I moved to Saudi Arabia to be with my husband during 5th and final year there. It was during that year that things began to change for me. I became very ill, racked with physical pain and a deep depression, and was unable to fulfil the dreams I had for my blog and online personal training.

In early 2015, there was a great improvement in my health and we moved to New Jersey, USA. While it has taken us a long time to adjust to life in the USA, we are now settled and happy here with our 4 wonderful Fur-Rescues from Saudi. Our beautiful but emotionally challenged Canaan dog, Sandy, and our 3 amazing cats: Dusty, Mud and Sunny.

Now that that the haze of the last 2+ years has lifted, I have realised that fitness coaching isn’t where I want to stop. I have much more to offer people because of the many challenges I have personally overcome. We all need a little help to move through changes, or times of uncertainty. We all need help getting unstuck or even onto the best track for us to flourish in life.

It’s only now I realise why I do this: Over the years I stayed fit because I thought that in itself would add value to me and bring me happiness, approval, and significance. But after my body “let me down” and my faith suffered, my sense of purpose began to dissolve as I saw my dream fading away. It was during that time I felt the most lost, the most lonely, and the biggest failure. I couldn’t see any options and I needed help to find a new dream for my life. Then one day it hit me: I need to become the best coach I can so I can help others

I feel somewhat differently now: Fitness is not my purpose, it’s about being fit *for* purpose. Knowing that your value is there no matter what, and you can use your gifts to enrich the world. Taking care of your body helps facilitate that.


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