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My name is Marianne Kane and this is where I share my experiences, lessons and fitness workouts.

Originally, I created myomytv to share my fitness journey and workouts with the world, but it kinda evolved into me sharing my fitness-for-life journey.  I started realising that I can’t single out one area of life and expect happiness or contentment to grow from it… quite frankly, I find it hard to see meaning in anything until all of me is on board: body, mind and soul.  I can’t be happy in my fitness training if i am not doing it for the right reasons; instead of training for some arbitrary number, i want to train to celebrate and honour my body because I am grateful I have what I do.  Do I get it right all the time? Nope! But that is part of the exploration of life.  It is these ups and downs that I feel prompted to share, because talking about the things that challenge me in order to help someone else brings me a sense of purpose.

You might want to know a little more about me, so let’s begin with my professional journey:

First and foremost (in terms of highest level of qualification) I am a Registered Nurse.  My specialty is Cardiac Surgery and I recently decided to resign from my post to pursue my passion as a Trainer, Blogger and Speaker <– this is the biggest (and scariest) decision I have made in my life!

As I got good at the fitness stuff, I naturally became a Personal Trainer (with Certificates in Extreme Kettlebell Training and Olympic Weight-Lifting). I have been lucky enough to learn from some of the most renowned Trainers in the world, including the talented Kettlebell Master Steve Cotter (IKFF). Back in 2011, I was an original Co-Founder of the Female Fitness Authority, Girls Gone Strong and, also in 2011, I had the honour of seeing my work listed as one of the Top 10 Workout Videos on YouTube by SHAPE.  In 2013, I co-founded the awesome membership site Get Glutes where myself, Bret Contreras and Kellie Davis helped hundreds of women get strong and beautiful curves in all the right places, while gaining confidence in what they could do.

Early in 2014, after my wedding to Jonathan Fass, I went all out and invested my energy into myomytv full-time. Life, however, became more crazy as I moved to Saudi Arabia


Personally speaking, I have been through it all:

– Gaining a lot of weight

– Losing it and becoming too skinny

– Getting very strong and lean

– Losing strength due to chronic pain

– Battling body image issues

– Struggling to find meaning and hope in life… even thinking about ending it all

– Finding a faith in God that i never realised was possible for me.

– Marrying the man of my dreams <3 ::swoon::<3

– Continuing to battle inner demons and let Christ renew my mind so that i might be a light to others.

Basically, that’s me in the nutshell.

I hope that you will continue to browse my site and join my online community to get all the latest blogs and exclusive emails.


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